Old maps for Sola Airport (flyplass)
UKW-Blind-Einflugzeichen-Anlage für Sola

SBA (Lorenz), reference page http://www.agder.net/la8ak/24z.htm and http://www.agder.net/la8ak/k56.htm (Instrument approach chart)

SBA (Lorenz) VHF system, see page http://www.agder.net/la8ak/24z.htm (30,0-31,5MHz und 33,3MHz)

Note HF-DF 3997/3965kHz, Varhaug Consol on 319kHz, Austrått DF transmitter on 360kHz, see page http://www.agder.net/la8ak/k56.htm

Varhaug Consol-Sola (319/360kHz)

Further notes:
Efterretningskart med opplysninger om flyplass anleggene på Sola og Forus i liste på http://www.mil.no/multimedia/archive/00003/nhm186_3378a.rtf

Note: A copy of German map showing installations at Lista is available at Lista beacon (Lista fyr) for NOK300,-, see note on page k33,
unfortunately we miss maps showing the German installations at the airfields at Kjevik, Mandal and Lista

Reference pages:
24z. Funk-Blindflug-Geräte
35b Further documentation for German radar and navigational systems

updated 2004.08.25